Jababeka Infrastruktur

Water Treatment Plant

As the true source of life in any community heavily depends on clean water, Jababeka places as top importance the provision of clean water. Clean water for the industrial estate and drinking water for community is treated and supplied by two water treatment plant units with a combined capacity of more than 60,000 cubic meters per day, which is expandable to nearly 80,000 cubic meters, wholly owned and managed by subsidiary Jababeka Infrastruktur.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Kota Jababeka completed with two waste water treatment plants, with a combined capacity of nearly 35,000 cubic meters per day (expandable to 42,000 cubic meters), wholly owned and managed by subsidiary Jababeka Infrastruktur, which treat the waste water from the tenants in the industrial estate.

As a commitment of Jababeka in supporting a green and environmental friendly industrial estate, Jababeka was awarded Green Level PROPER Award from The Government of Indonesia Ministry of Environment in 2009 and 2011.

Estate Management

Beside Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant, Jababeka also provides network of fiber optics with capacity up to 10 Gigabit/s powered by PT Telkom Indonesia, PT Indonesia Comnet Plus (Icon+) & PT Indosat. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) supply by PT Telkom Indonesia with a capacity of 25,000 lines provides services to businesses and individuals.

Jababeka has invested in quality road improvement and drainage services program, an in-house fire brigade and fire hydrants, 24-hour security, public lighting and public transportation, all of which fall under Jababeka's estate management services.

The Cikarang Committee of Society Empowerment and Service (LPPM-C), which is part of the estate management team, has developed social responsibility programs and is committed to developing a positive synergy and create partnerships between companies and other entities inside and outside Kota Jababeka in order to develop and improve the quality of life and the integrity of its society. LPPM-C is similar to an administrative government or city council that has the power to bind relationships and serve the best interests of the industrial and other communities in and surrounding Kota Jababeka. They are making improvements in long-term security, economic and community development, image and the general welfare of companies, the community and society as a whole.


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