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The Jababeka Industrial Estate is the first modern Indonesian eco-industrial estate and jointly developed with ProLH GTZ under a technical cooperation program collaboratively established by Indonesia's Ministry of Environment and the Republic of Germany. Since its establishment in 1989, Jababeka Industrial Estate has been acknowledged as the most successful industrial estate in Indonesia in terms of attracting multinational companies (MNCs), leading local companies and small & medium enterprises.

It spans more than 2,000 hectares and contains more than 1,650 local and multinational corporations from 30 countries, such as USA, Japan, France, UK, The Netherlands, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, and numerous others.

The estate offers a comprehensive one-stop industrial development solution that is beneficial for virtually any type of enterprise. It is our best interest to provide the most comprehensive and fully-integrated industrial estate in order to create a base from which the industrial sector can best flourish and profit. In so doing, we will strategically be in line with our endeavor to maintain Jababeka's market leadership position as the provider of remarkable value-added land.





Set in the heart of the green city, Kota Jababeka's Residential Estate is where professionals can make the most out of life. Jababeka Residential Estate, which is famously labeled “Jababeka Residence”, started development in 1992. The start of development of the Jababeka Residential Estate also marked as a step forward for Kota Jababeka to grow into a sustainable and modern city.

To the professionals, residing in Kota Jababeka means being minutes away from their work areas. Some 50,000 medium to up-market housing units are marvelously laid out across the 1,400 hectare stretch of residential estate. Comprised of various types of residential clusters, the variety of housing units cater to all social strata and suit the taste of everyone; from the simple and practical to the grand and exquisite.


Commercial products include commercial plots of land in Kota Jababeka, as well as shophouses. Apart from that, the Company also offers office and commercial space for rent, both in Menara Batavia and throughout Kota Jababeka and owns a private club - the President Executive Club which is used as a meeting point for tenants in Kota Jababeka. Moreover, the Company invites investors as partners in the development of commercial land business areas.

The Jababeka commercial district is situated in the vibrant heart of Kota Jababeka and contains a wide variety of commercial facilities, including shops, restaurants and banks. This commercial area has a distinctly sophisticated atmosphere and will be the preferred meeting spot for the young from local schools and universities, for the intellectual faculty members, for professionals, as well as for dynamic entrepreneurs and business or government leaders. Social interaction will never been so lively and enjoyable in this unique part of Kota Jababeka.

Jababeka Residence developed various types of commercial district such as Hollywood Avenue, Ruko Movie Boulevard 2, Sentra Niaga Square, Cortes, Trace, Thamrin Boulevard, Hollywood Arcade, Simprug Plaza, East Park Commercial Centre, and Boulevard Arcade.


Hollywood Arcade

Hollywood Avenue

Ruko Movie Boulevard 2

Sentra Niaga Square

Simprug Plaza

Thamrin Boulevard


East Park Commercial Centre

Boulevard Arcade

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10 May
Sales Executive Industrial
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Gather customer or product information to determine customer needs. Prepare sales or other contracts. Explain technical product or service information… Read More

06 Mar
Landscape Architect
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Membuat Konsep Desain Landscape Kawasan, Cluster Membuat Desain Perencanaan Koordinasi antar depertement dan pihak - pihak terkait REQUIREMENTS: Minimal S1… Read More

06 Mar
City Event
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Melakukan Perencanaan Event Tahunan dan Bulanan Monitor Kegiatan Event dan Promosi sesuai dengan SOP Bertanggung Jawab terhadap Traffic Event dan… Read More

06 Mar
Agent Relation
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Memperluas Jaringan Agent Property Mengadakan Product Knowledge Industri kepada Agent Membantu Proses Transaksi Klien dari Agent Requirements: Minimal S1 jurusan… Read More

24 Jan
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02 Jan
Legal Staff
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Reviewing documents specifically relating to an agreement or legal contract/ Legal drafting. Manage the administration related to the work that… Read More

18 Dec
Art Design (Animator Videography)
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laying out pages for the magazine, often to tight deadlines discussing design and layout ideas with the editor and other… Read More

18 Dec
Pengawas Landscape
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Melaksanakan SMK3-L Mengevaluasi data, melakukan rekayasa teknik Membuat Rancangan Tanaman dan Bangunan Taman  Memeriksa pekerjaan persiapan dan pendahuluan Mengendalikan pembuatan… Read More

01 Dec
Sales Executive
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Market research Making appointments and showing buyers around a property Arranging advertising to promote the property & negotiating with buyer Delivering… Read More

01 Dec
Art Design
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laying out pages for the magazine, often to tight deadlines discussing design and layout ideas with the editor and other… Read More