Jababeka Exceeds FY16 Marketing Sales Target

06 Mar 2017 - Administrator

March 2, 2017


PT Jababeka Tbk (“KIJA”) realized Rp 1.56 trillion in real estate marketing
sales for the year 2016, thereby exceeding the FY16 target (Rp 1.4 trillion) by
more than 11% and exceeding the FY15 achievement (Rp 1.0 trillion) by more than
50%. In 2016, Cikarang remained the main contributor to the marketing sales
with Rp 1.15 trillion in value and 21 hectares in land area, in line with the
target for FY16.

Kendal added Rp 359 billion in value and 26 hectares in land area to the
Company’s marketing sales, significantly higher than the target of Rp 250
billion on the back of improved and more complete infrastructure in the Kendal
Industrial Estate and positive publicity surrounding the official
groundbreaking ceremony on November 14, which was Witnessed by Their
Excellencies, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore and President Joko
Widodo of Indonesia.

Lastly, Tanjung Lesung and other products added Rp 55 billion in
marketing sales in 2016.

Jababeka believes that 2017 will be another strong year and the Company targets
Rp 2 trillion in real estate marketing sales – Rp 1.4 trillion from Cikarang,
Rp 500 billion from Kendal and Rp 100 billion from Tanjung Lesung and others.

Source: www.jababeka.com