The Grand Opening of Mongolian Culture Center at Tanjung Lesung SEZ

15 Jun 2017 -

Late last year, PT Banten TDC and Mongolian Embassy started the Mongolian Culture Center (MCC) project, however on 23 April 2017 the MCC is officially opened at SEZ Tanjung Lesung. 

It is built on the 1 hectare land, designed directly by the Mongolian Architect, and the concept was designed by the Ambassador of Mongolia, Madam Battsetseg Shagdar. 

It is done to ensure the level of quality and maintain the authenticity of the Mongolian Culture, so the visitors can feel the real life of the Mongolian. The material used in the manufacture of typical Mongolian GER is an identical nomadic Mongolian tent, all are imported from the native country. 

In addition to the sensation feeling of living in the GER, visitors might as well enjoy to learn the unique culture of the Mongolia ranging from horse riding, archery, play the ankle bones game, and to taste the authentic culinary of Mongolia. 

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